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Do you suffer from an involuntary loss of urine when you exercise, laugh, sneeze, or cough? The pressure caused by these activities on your abdomen and bladder results in a condition involving unintentional urine leakage called stress incontinence.

Urine incontinence often occurs after pregnancy, surgery, hormonal changes, or the natural aging process as the sphincter and bladder muscles become weaker.

Other Types of Urine Incontinence

  • Urge: symptoms of an overactive bladder and leakage when bladder is not emptied in time
  • Overflow: being unable to empty the bladder completely and experiencing leakage when bladder becomes full
  • Functional: physical or cognitive problems prevent you from making it to the bathroom
  • Mixed: symptoms of both stress incontinence and urge incontinence


Treatment for Stress Incontinence

Allure Skin and Laser Center is excited to offer EXILIS® ELITE™ INTIMA and the O-Shot® for women suffering from stress incontinence. The treatment is performed by our Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner and takes less than an hour.

Dr. Runels, who invented the very successful Vampire FaceLift ®, pioneered the O-Shot® (orgasm shot) by applying his PRP technique to the vagina walls. With the O-Shot®, tissues are regenerated on the vaginal walls. Women who suffer from urinary incontinence are ideal candidates for this procedure, which also helps improve natural lubrication and increases the quality and duration of orgasms.

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EXILIS® ELITE™ INTIMA offers similar or better results than those achieved by labiaplasty – no pain, no recovery, and no patient discomfort. The effect is based on the natural response called remodeling of collagen. This process is caused by the thermal excitation in the structures of both fibroblasts and subcutaneous skin. After vexation, fibroblasts begin to overproduct collagen fibers. The process leads to a greater flexibility of the labia tissues and also causes contraction and toning and labia tissue remodeling. Local heating of the vaginal entrance helps to increase the blood flow and tissue innervated agitation, which further enhances the long-term sexual satisfaction of patients. As a one of a kind device, EXILIS® ELITE™ INTIMA offers a non-invasive alternative to all those patients who do not want to undergo invasive surgery like labiaplasty.

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