3 Ways to Help Soothe Your Skin After An IPL

IPL Photofacial Elmhurst, ILIf there’s one thing that we teach our patients here at Allure Skin and Laser it’s that good skin requires a lot of consistent skin care treatments and products. If you have a lot of pigmentation, acne, or uneven skin tone then you may benefit from an IPL or intense pulsed light treatment. During this laser treatment, we will target the top layer of your skin; once it has been targeted, then it will encourage the growth of newer, healthier skin cells which will give you a more youthful look overall. However, after an IPL, your skin may be a little red and sore for a few days afterward. To help it feel calmer, we have created a list of three ways that you can soothe your skin after you get an IPL.


One of the things that will feel the best on your skin is a thick moisturizing cream after treatment. Try for the first 48 hours after your IPL to moisturize your skin with a soothing skin serum or cream. When you hydrate your skin, it will help it feel a lot calmer.

Protect and Avoid the Sun

The sun is not going to do your skin any sort of favors after you get a laser treatment like an IPL. To make sure that your skin stays calm after an IPL, wear a broad spectrum sunscreen and stay all the way out of the sun during the day. An IPL will make your skin more sensitive to the sun which can increase your chances of getting a sunburn.

Watch the Makeup

Even though you may want to apply a little foundation or concealer to your skin to hide the redness after an IPL, try to let your skin breathe for at least 24 hours and don’t wear makeup. By not applying any makeup to your skin you can help it calm down and relax which will feel a lot more comfortable.

These are just a few easy ways that you can avoid any pain or discomfort on your skin after you get a procedure done like an IPL. To learn more about IPL recovery, contact our Elmhurst office today and call us at (630) 818-SKIN(7546).

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