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Vanquish the Fat Without Surgery with Vanquish ME

What is Vanquish?

Vanquish is a newly developed Med Spa procedure that permanently destroys fat cells while leaving surrounding tissue unaffected. The process uses radio-frequency technology to delivers energy into fat tissue. The selective delivery enables treatment of larger areas with minimal risk to the surrounding muscles and internal organs. Vanquish has been clinically tested and was approved by the FDA in June 2015.

Treatment candidates

Vanquish is for patients desiring to improve the contour of their abdominal and flank areas by removing unwanted fat. Allure does not promote this procedure as a weight loss solution, but as a treatment to reduce the circumference of the midsection. Our Elmhurst office does not recommend this procedure for anyone with active metal implants like a pacemaker.

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How does Vanquish compare to Coolsculpting?

Both Vanquish and Coolsculpting are FDA approved procedures to reduce fat. The area that can be treated is the main difference. CoolSculpting can treat an area about the size of a stick of butter.  The device sucks the small area of fatty tissue into the device for about one hour. Afterward, the next area is treated. Coolculpting takes quite a bit of time, and can lead to an uneven, lumpy final result. Vanquish treatment forms a half circle that wraps around the entire abdomen. This procedure treats the front and the sides at once, providing a more even, smoother result.

Secondly, most patients find CoolSculpting to be more uncomfortable with the extreme cold applied. With Vanquish, the radio-frequency device hovers above the skin, not coming in contact at all. The warming experienced is similar to a heating pad and no more.

CoolSculpting also has two complications that don’t occur with Vanquish procedures. Patients may suffer from neuralgia (nerve pain) due to the freezing of the nerves. This usually resolves, but can last for weeks. Paradoxical adipose hyperplasia (PAH) is another side effect of CoolSculpting. In PAH, the area adjacent to the treated area undergoes rapid proliferation of fat tissue, usually months after the initial procedure. Further CoolSculpting will not remove this PAH tissue, and it may require surgical excision.

How it works

Vanquish permanently destroys fat cells. Its energy delivery system produces frequencies best matched with the impedance of deep fat tissue. The energy heats the targeted layers of fat, and the higher temperatures destroy fat cell while surrounding tissue and organs are completely unharmed. The fat is then cleared from the body by the lymphatic system and removed from the body. The goal is to achieve circumferential reduction of fat to decrease the waistline, but it can also reduce fat on the arms and legs. At Allure, we recommend 4 treatments at our Elmhurst, IL office about 1 week apart. Treatments last about 45 minutes.

The results

At the end of your treatment series you will see and feel a noticeable difference.  In the FDA study, subjects lost an average of 2-3 inches from their waistlines after their four weekly treatments. Many patients are happier with the contour of their midsection and report that their pants fit looser around the waist. While you may see improvement days after your first treatment, greater improvement is be best noted as early as 2 weeks after your final treatment. Your results will last as long as you maintain your current weight and lifestyle. There is not any recovery time needed with Vanquish.

Combine Vanquish with Exilis for less fat and tighter skin

Vanquish kills 30 percent of the fat in the target area, but it doesn’t tighten the skin at the same time. At Allure we combine Vanquish with Exilis skin tightening treatments to achieve both better contour and tighter skin.

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