Why PRP Facelifts Are So Popular

Vampire Facelift Elmhurst, ILIf you were to tell someone ten years ago that plasma was used more than just a way to donate to people in need or earn a few extra dollars, they might look at you completely confused. And although plasma is still used in the medical industry for a variety of things, it has taken the cosmetic industry by storm in recent years with procedures like the Vampire Facelift.

The Vampire Facelift uses PRP or platelet-rich plasma to help encourage the growth of new, healthier skin that has more collagen in it. To start out, our doctors will extract the plasma from your blood and harvest it. Then, we use microneedling to make tiny punctures in your skin. After which we will spread the plasma across your face and let it soak in. So, other than PRP facelifts being new, why else are they so popular?

They Don’t Require Downtime

Although surgical facelifts are extremely popular— and for good reason— one of the holdbacks that many patients have is that they require a lot of recovery time. One unique benefit of the Vampire Facelift is that they don’t require any downtime at all which means that you won’t have to take more than the day of off of work.

They Are Natural

If you are the type of person who is concerned about what you put in and on your body, then a Vampire Facelift may be the best thing for you. One of the reasons why our patients keep coming back to this type of PRP facelift is because it’s natural. After all, what’s more natural than using your own blood to help encourage the production of collagen? Basically nothing.

They Work

Nothing is worse than spending money on skincare or cosmetic work only to discover that you’re not getting any results. One of the things that we at Allure Skin and Laser pride ourselves on is ensuring our patients get real results every time. And with our Vampire Facelift, we know that you will love the results— even after just one treatment.

Are you interested in learning more about the Vampire Facelift and why it’s so popular? Schedule a consultation at our Elmhurst office today and call (630) 818-SKIN(7546).

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