3 Habits That Are Making You Breakout

skin care tips Elmhurst, NCNobody looks at a pimple on their skin and thinks, “Yay! I got just what I wanted.” Pimples are not only embarrassing to have, but they can be painful as well. Whether you are sixteen or thirty-six and you have acne, there are likely many things contributing to this skin problem. However, did you know that there are small habits you may be doing that could be causing skin problems? Read on to learn more.

Dirty Phone

You should be cleaning your phone multiple times a day. Your phone screen is covered in dirt, germs, oil, bacteria, and even makeup— all of which can cause you to have a major acne breakout. Every time you touch your phone to text someone; you are leaving bacteria on it which is then transferred to your face when you pick up a call. To clean your phone, use a phone cleaning solution and a clean paper towel.

Touching Your Face

You may not realize how often you touch your face throughout the day. But every time you touch your face with dirty hands; you are leaving harmful bacteria and oils on your skin. Spend one day being completely in-tune with your actions and you’ll start to notice how often you touch your face. By being in tune with these habits, however, you can try to break them and give your skin a break as well.

Dirty Pillowcases

Did you know that you should be switching out your pillowcases at least two to three times a week? The oil from your hair that is left on your pillow can cause you to breakout in a serious way. Additionally, if you sleep with makeup on, the oils and bacteria from your makeup can spread across your pillowcase and break you out.

Having a dirty phone and pillowcases, and touching your face on a regular basis are all contributing factors to your bad breakouts. By breaking these nasty habits, you can hopefully enjoy a cleaner and clearer complexion. To learn more about how you can take better care of your skin, contact Allure Skin and Laser today!



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