How to Take Care of Your Skin In Between Laser Tattoo Removal Sessions

Tattoo Removal Elmhurst, ILYes, you have made more than a few regrettable mistakes in your life; including that tramp stamp of a dragon on your lower back. Even though many of your mistakes are easy to get rid of, that tattoo ink is a little more permanent. Luckily, here at Allure Skin and Laser, we offer laser tattoo removal to help get rid of that lousy mistake and start to feel like yourself again.

Depending on the size, location, and colors of your tattoo, you will have to undergo several sessions to really get the best results but how many sessions varies from patient to patient. To help make sure that you get the most out of each session, this article will list a few ways that you can take care of your skin in between.

Avoid the Sun

Sun exposure in between laser sessions is a definite no-no. Why exactly? Laser makes your skin more sensitive and more prone to burning which can leave you with scarring if you spend too much time in the sun. Try to avoid spending too much time outside, and if you do go outside for extended periods of time, make sure to cover up your tattoo with some thick layers of clothing.

Apply Vaseline or Aquaphor

You may remember what it was like to care for your skin after you first got your tattoo; you weren’t supposed to submerge it, and you were supposed to keep it moisturized with either Vaseline or Aquaphor. Similarly, we encourage patients to use one of these moisturizing lotions in between each session so that your skin doesn’t dry out too much.

Don’t Scrub It

Your skin is going to be pretty sensitive after you get laser tattoo removal done, which means that in addition to applying a moisturizer to your skin, you shouldn’t scrub it when you’re washing it because it will only irritate your skin further. When you are washing it, be sure to use a gentle washcloth, soap, and clean water.

Getting the best results from any treatment requires a little bit of work on your end. If you want to learn more about laser tattoo removal or how to recover in between each session, schedule a consultation at our Elmhurst office and call us at (630) 818-SKIN(7546).

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