Age Spots: Just say No!

Age SpotsAge Spots. The very term leads you to believe that you will, at some point, display the telltale sign of “growing old.” The onset of this cosmetic concern may be slow, but what usually happens is we wake up one day and notice a gathering of brown spots across our cheeks, arms, or the backs of our hands. We won’t even talk about the party of spots that may be going on in the chest and neck area! When age spots develop, you may have a hard time noticing the finer aspects of your appearance. Here, we will talk about what’s really behind age spots, and what you can do about this pesky problem.

Because of the name, it is easy to assume that age spots really are an age-related condition. That’s not the case, though. The skin takes on this spotted appearance over time as the damage that has lurked beneath the surface makes it way up and out. Age spots would be better referred to as sun spots, because they are indicative of damage done by harmful UVA light in sunshine.
Exposure to UV light occurs everywhere; there is no way to escape it. In truth, that wouldn’t be good for your health, anyway. However, the more your skin is in contact with UVA radiation without the protection of sunscreen, the more collagen breaks down. Also, more melanin is produced when light is absorbed into the skin. This is what leads to spots – and to an aged appearance.

Age Spots, be Gone!
Fortunately, we live in a great time to be growing older. Our parents and grandparents did not live in an era where the knowledge, nor the technology, existed to resolve skin concerns like age spots. There also was very little awareness regarding skin cancer. One of the most impactful aspects of treating age spots (or sun damage) is evaluating the skin for skin cancer. Once you are cleared by your dermatologist, you can move onward to determine the best method of clearing up your spotted skin.
1.Some brown spots may need to be frozen with liquid nitrogen.
2.Hydroquinone topical solution can gradually lighten dark spots.
3.Laser treatments are efficient at resolving discoloration on the skin.

Age spots, liver spots . . . it all boils down to sun damage. Even before you schedule your visit with us for treatment, you can start taking better care of your skin with a quality moisturizer and daily application of sunscreen. Creating these healthy habits now will support you after you visit Allure Skin & Laser Center for age spot treatment. Call (630) 818-7546.

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