Don’t Let Autumn be Awful to your Skin

skin careThe changing seasons give us a great deal to enjoy. As Summer fades into Fall, you may find yourself daydreaming about pumpkins, pumpkin pie, or Pumpkin Spice Lattes. You may be reveling in the coziness of your favorite sweater, or thinking about making bubble baths a new ritual. Whatever you do this Autumn, remember that your skin will have changing needs, and it is up to you to meet them.

Your skin is saying . . .

I’m parched!
Your skin can become dry for several reasons. The summer sun spend three months drying out the cells that make up the outermost part of your body, even if you slathered on lotion each morning or night. Now, you have cooler weather beating down your epidermis. And if you are indulging in those long, hot baths (or showers), your skin is doubly dried-out! Make the most of your moisturizer by applying it liberally right after you pat down with a towel after bathing. Also, switch it up. Use a creamier, thicker formula in the cooler months. This will keep your skin resilient, and can save you from uncomfortable cracks.

I need some lovin’!
After the rigors of summer sunshine and water from the pool or lake, what skin needs is to be drenched in refreshing ingredients. Sun damage does not tend to show up right away, other than in the form of a sunburn. Even if you have been careful, rest assured some UVA rays have penetrated your skin. The Fall months are a great time to mitigate the damage of summer. Talk with us about our facial services, or about a chemical peel, microdermabrasion, or other skin-renewing treatment.

I’m still at risk!
To believe that cooler weather offers greater protection against UV damage would be a mistake. However, this is just what many people do. It’s an easy misconception to make! Remember that, even as temperatures fall, your skin needs the protection of an SPF moisturizer and lotion. Otherwise, collagen breakdown continues to occur at an accelerated rate.

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