Don’t Let Age Spots Give Away Your Age…We Have The Perfect Solution

Sun Spot RemovalSpending time outside as summer heads our way means more exposure to the sun and, unfortunately, those revealing Age Spots – which love to show up on skin that has had the most exposure to the UV and UVB rays of the sun over time – the face and neck and the back of the hands. Age spots are harmless but they can be a sign of premature aging of the skin, called photo-aging, which results in skin spots, freckles, discoloration, deep wrinkles and dry skin.

At Allure Skin & Laser, we offer the most advanced generation of IPL photo-rejuvenation light treatments available, the Alma Laser Pulsed Light System, which uses Advanced Fluorescence Technology (AFT). It is the perfect solution for age spots, and also helps our patients correct rosacea, spider veins, enlarged pores, inflammatory acne and broken capillaries.

Here’s how the Alma Laser Pulsed Light System works:

  • IPL therapy using the Alma Laser Pulsed Light System differs from traditional laser therapies in that it delivers multiple wavelengths of light with each pulse of the laser. It is non-ablative, which means it does not remove the top layer, or epidermis, of the skin.
  • The area to be treated will first be treated with a soothing, numbing cream. Then the IPL hand-piece is heated up and gently pulsed over the area of treatment, destroying skin cells that contain the targeted pigment. The light penetrates the skin, destroying the melanin-producing cells. The generated heat impairs the vessels or lesions without damaging the surface of the skin. Once these cells have been destroyed, they flake off or are absorbed by the body.
  • Each session lasts between 20-30 minutes depending on the area being treated. Five sessions are usually scheduled over a four week time period.
  • Discomfort is minimal and there is little or no downtime. You should see results within the first few treatments.

We are proud of our highly trained skin-care team. Call, today, to book an IPL appointment with one of our laser and skin specialists: 630-818-7546.

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