How to Get Freckle Free Fast

IPL Photofacial Elmhurst, ILFreckles can sometimes feel like your signature trademark— they show where you’ve been, the sun your skin has seen, and can even show your true age. And although freckles can be beautiful, they’re not always an enviable trait amongst everyone. Luckily, here at Allure Skin and Laser, we can help you get rid of your freckles, fast! From a photofacial to chemical peels, this article will list a few ways we can get you freckle free. Read on to learn more.


Also known as an IPL, photofacials are a popular way to get rid of freckles across the face and nose. By using intense pulse light, a photofacial will target individual skin cells and heat them up. Once the cells are heated up, they will naturally slough off— encouraging your skin to produce new, healthier skin in the process.

Chemical Peel

Depending on how many freckles you have, our skin care professionals may recommend that you get a chemical peel. By using a mild agent like glycolic acid, a chemical peel works to target the top few layers of your skin— encouraging the growth of new skin in the process. To get the best results possible, you will have to undergo a few of these treatments.

Laser Treatment

Similar to a photofacial, a laser treatment works to target individual pigmented skin cells— breaking up your freckles in the process. After about 3-5 laser sessions, your freckles will slough off, and you will notice a clearer complexion.

Whether you decide to get a photofacial, chemical peel, or laser treatment to get rid of your freckles, the best thing you can do afterward is wear sunscreen every day. Sunscreen is your skin’s natural defense against sun damage and will leave you with a blemish free face. To learn more about these and other skin care treatments, contact Allure Skin and Laser today!

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