How to Get Fuller Lips Without Looking Like a Duck

Dermal Fillers, Elmhurst, IL

You may want to have fuller, sexier lips, but the last thing that you are going to want to do is walk out of our office looking more like a duck than anything else. Here at Allure Skin and Laser, the last thing we want is for you to look artificial and like you’ve had any work done. So, how can you get fuller lips without looking like you’ve gotten injections?

Come to the Right Place

The number one way that you can get more natural looking lip fillers is to get them done by professionals with a lot of experience. As one of the things that we specialize in at our office, our goal is to ensure that you are happy with your results and that your fillers aren’t too overpowering. During your thorough one-on-one consultation with us, we will discuss the results that you want and take a closer look at your lips so that we can create a plan of how to give you those results. Then from there, we will talk to you about fillers like Restylane.

Choose the Right filler

Another thing that a lot of people go wrong with is the type of filler that they go with. Some fillers are better suited for the lips because they are more pliable and we can massage them into your lips to make sure that they aren’t lumpy and they they settle in correctly. One of the other things that we will ensure, when you come to our office for fillers, is that you land on the right filler.

One thing to know about lip fillers is that your lips may be bruised and swollen for at least a week after you get injections which is actually really normal. Once the swelling has died down you will be able to see the full results and then determine if you want to come into our office to get some more or if you’re happy with the amount of filler that you have.

Are you ready to get fuller lips without the duck face? Contact us at our Elmhurst office today and call us at (630) 818-SKIN(7546).

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