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How to Control Your Oily Skin

There are two common types of causes of acne: oil and hormones. And, oftentimes, the two are interconnected. How? Because sometimes hormones can cause an increase of production of oil on the skin which then, in turn, results in more acne. If you suffer from acne that is caused by a lot of oil on…Read More »

3 Ways to Get Rid of Chronic Acne

Whether you are 18 or 38, having acne is enough to damage your self-confidence and your skin— especially if it’s chronic. Caused by a variety of different things like too much oil production, bacteria, or hormones, sometimes it can be hard to battle chronic acne– especially on your own. Luckily, there are a variety of…Read More »

Those Darn Acne Flare-Ups!

Again. And Again. There you are. Dealing with an acne flare-up. It seems no matter how much water you drink, how healthy you eat or how often you wash your face, your acne returns, sometimes with a vengeance and usually when least desired. You aren’t alone. People of every age and time of life are…Read More »

The 411 On Acne Pustules

At any age, from teenage to middle-age – acne is debilitating, self-esteem robbing and troublesome. Acne is the most common of all skin conditions, worldwide. There are several types of acne, but at the top of the list for most severe are acne pustules. Acne pustules are often found in clusters on the skin and…Read More »

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