The Botox Test: How to Tell If You Need It

Botox Elmhurst, ILWe live in a world filled with advertisements for things we “need” in order to be cool. Those new sneakers? They’ll make you jump higher.  Those new headphones? Music won’t sound the same without them. That new skin care product? It will easily shave twenty years off of your complexion. Amidst all of the things that we don’t need, it’s nice to be able to identify when you do need things like Botox. If you have wanted to get Botox, but you just aren’t sure if you need it yet, this article will discuss a few ways to help you identify if it’s your turn to hop on the Botox wagon. Read on to learn more.

The Forehead Wrinkle Test

One of the easiest ways that we at Allure Skin and Laser help our patients determine whether or not they need Botox is through a test called the forehead wrinkle test. Simply look in the mirror and scrunch up your forehead— creating lines and wrinkles. Then, relax your forehead. Did your wrinkles go away as soon as you relaxed or are they still there? If they are still there, this is a sign that the collagen in your skin is dissipating and that you need Botox.

Your Eyebrows Are Drooping

Yes, it’s true that Botox does wonders when it comes to getting rid of fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes and across your forehead, but it can do more than that. Have you started to notice that your eyebrows are drooping a bit? As you age, the skin on your face starts to lose elasticity, making areas like your eyebrows start to sag. By injecting Botox under and around your eyebrows, however, the doctors at Allure Skin and Laser can help improve this problem.

You’re Getting More Wrinkles

In your thirties and even forties, you can often get away with not having to get Botox. However, if you have started to notice that you are getting more and more wrinkles, it’s time to bite the bullet and get it done. Although Botox won’t stop you from developing more wrinkles, it will temporarily get rid of the ones you do have so you can feel more confident and beautiful.

Everyone has different skin and shows signs of aging differently. If you’re unclear whether or not you need Botox, consider the information above. To learn more about Botox or to schedule a consultation, contact Allure Skin and Laser today!



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