The 411 On Acne Pustules

acneAt any age, from teenage to middle-age – acne is debilitating, self-esteem robbing and troublesome. Acne is the most common of all skin conditions, worldwide. There are several types of acne, but at the top of the list for most severe are acne pustules.

Acne pustules are often found in clusters on the skin and usually affect the face, neck or back.

Acne pustules are round, medium-sized bumps that are characterized by a white or yellow dot in the middle, which is an indication of pus. There may also be a red area around the pustule due to the infection under the skin.

Acne pustules can be painful, difficult to get rid of on your own, and can be hard to treat.

Tempted Pop? STOP!

The initial desire of most people who have acne, is to squeeze or pop. Just don’t do it. Squeezing and popping leaves an open wound on your face which can easily become infected with bacteria, leading to more acne and eventually, scarring. Squeezing pushes the infection farther down under the skin, leading to more pustules and infection. It’s easy to see how touching, squeezing and popping can quickly get out of hand.

The most useful DIY treatments contain benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, but over-the-counter products rarely have the strength needed to completely clear up the problem.

If your acne pustules are a consistent and serious problem, a visit to Allure Skin & Laser is definitely the best solution. We will formulate a treatment plan along with a combination of products, to not only treat your severe acne, but also help make your skin soft and moisturized.


  • Don’t touch your face during the day, as that transfers germs, bacteria and dirt.
  • Don’t pop a pustule, as you can easily make one acne pustule turn into three.
  • Do wash your face daily with a doctor-recommended cleanser.

The highly trained team of professionals at Allure Skin & Laser understands how acne affects your life.  We are here to help!

Call for a treatment consultation, today: (630) 818-7546.


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